Digital Marketing Terms & Metrics


We kicked off a new class last night at General Assembly called “Digital Marketing Key Terms & Metrics.” We had a great turnout, and I tried a non-traditional delivery of this class. I didn’t use a slide deck. #FREEDOM!

Instead, we started off with a little brain-freeing inspiration from this fantastic video.

No, instead, I put all the terms that are generally or specifically defined in the basics of digital marketing on one wall, and a huge marketing funnel diagram on another wall. Then we walked through the digital marketing funnel for three different kinds of business models, from brand to reach to revenue for each business type.

  1. Ecommerce
  2. Services
  3. Media

The math is ultimately the same for each, but the path from reach to revenue is very different, as are the sales cycle and KPIs, among other metrics.

The big take-aways from this 2-hour class are to measure everything, experiment using small, focused digital campaigns, and work towards repeatable predictability in your marketing campaigns.

Saturday, we’ll expand all this knowledge in the #DGM Bootcamp, and add Chipotle for lunch. I hope to see you there!


What do you think about that?

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