What does content marketing look like?

Content Marketing: 4 Solid Examples and Your Own How To Guide

When I talk about “content marketing”, the first thing most clients hear and think is “blog”. While that’s true, it’s not the whole truth. Your content is everything you publish or enable others to publish, from a press release to a technical support document to engaging your audience on a Keep reading >>>

EYEMail makes your email communications stand out

Problem: Low Marketing Email Engagement Rates

Back in 2014 (seems like just yesterday), Facebook announced that videos that were uploaded natively (as opposed to shared from YouTube) to the social media platform would “autoplay”. Viewers would not have to tap or click a video to get it to start playing. The video would begin playing as … Keep reading >>>

Atlanta Motor Speedway has forgotten its customer

Thou Shalt Not Forget Who Thy Customer Really Is

This year we are doing a classic #Staycation for our spring break. That means we stay in town, but we do something touristy or fun each day, while still working most of the time. Today, we took a trip down south of town to Atlanta Motor Speedway for “the ten … Keep reading >>>

Sales Follow Ups suck

Problem: Sales Follow-up Emails Overladen with Attachments

Salespeople, how do you make that initial follow up with your prospects? How many times do you follow up, being politely persistent? Prospects, how do you feel about the ever-present “follow up email” with 7 attachments? Marketers, what’s the difference in success between a campaign with a … Keep reading >>>

Mark Cuban to Twitter: "Verify!"

Social Media: Your Time is Gonna Come (to Verify)

Mark Cuban proposed (ok, demanded) on Twitter that both Twitter and Facebook should verify every single user of their social platforms. I agree wholeheartedly with Cuban for one single clarifying reason, but how do we get there? What will have to happen when they pull the trigger on 100% verification? … Keep reading >>>