Blog or Newsletter or both?

The more I write and speak about writing, the more I get asked this question: should I use a blog or a regular newsletter?  I have my opinion, based on experience, but here are a few arguments for each.


  • Push instead of pull – when you publish an
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What we learned in Blogging for your Brand

We had a fantastic time last night at General Assembly Atlanta!  Thanks to everyone who attended “Blogging for your Brand”!  Even on a ridiculously cold night, we had a packed house full of people who were eager to start or get into first or second gear in their blogging.  Here’s … Keep reading >>>


How do you prepare for an event that you will lead?  I think about this process all the time, and every time I lead any event.  Every Friday, when I lead Pitch Practice, I prepare to welcome newcomers and give them an overview of why we’re here and what … Keep reading >>>

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Managing a WordPress site and writing in WordPress are two very different things.  I’ve enjoyed the simplicity and power of plugins managing Atlanta Tech Blogs using a simple, cheap WordPress framework with a dozen or so plugins.  It works.

But writing in WordPress isn’t cutting it for me.  That, among … Keep reading >>>

Was 2014 a good year?

I tweeted this on December 30:

I’ll get to the cancer portion later, but my reason for embedding … Keep reading >>>

Atlanta's Tech Startup Blogs

Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of Atlanta Tech Startup Blogs in alpha order.  Raise your hand if you’re not here.  Seriously, if you don’t see your favorite Atlanta Tech & Startup Blog listed, please tell me.  I’m personally blown away by the sheer number if high quality blogs from Atlanta. … Keep reading >>>