The iPhone ushered in an era of nonstop photos from our phones. One of the most iconic images that demonstrates the change in how we look at the world is a photo of Tiger Woods completing his round at The Masters in 1997 set beside a similar photo taken in 2018. Tiger is 20 years older, thicker, but still aging well as he continues his comeback from a plethora of life challenges. But look at the crowds! In 1997, we watched. Today, we capture. And we capture a LOT of video. But what about 3D video?

Our phones are ubiquitous to our lives, especially during “a moment” like Tiger Woods at The Masters. We’ve captured more photos and video since the iPhone (11 years) than in all previous history combined.

But when it comes to 3D video, we’re not so quick on the draw. You can’t be. 3D camera equipment is expensive, fragile, and not the least bit mobile. For 3D content creators, that’s a problem. For Dreamio, it’s a problem worthy of being solved.

3D Video in Your Phone Case

Dreamio has inserted a battery and two cameras into a case that fits all iPhones from 7 up and most popular Androids. The Dreamio case turns your phone into a 3D camera, and gives it some extra battery oomph as well. And it’s high quality 3D as well.

The Dreamio Pitch

Co-Founder Ali Roohparvar was clear that this was their first time pitching anything. That’s fine. Everyone has to start somewhere, and Ali made similar mistakes to many, many other new entrepreneurs. In his pitch, while he mentioned the problem, he did not focus on the pain that problem causes Dreamio’s target audience. Instead, after a brief mention of the problem, he went deep into everything that the Dreamio product has to offer.

Get the Next Meeting

One of the hardest things for new entrepreneurs to understand and put into practice is that the 30 second pitch, the elevator pitch, has one goal and only one goal: get the next meeting. I compare this approach to various offensive football plays. Very few plays are designed to go 85 yards for a TD. The short term goal is to advance the ball 10 yards for the first down, and grind your way down the field to your opponent’s end zone. Therefore, most plays are designed to earn the office 2-4 yards. Most plays are designed to advance the ball part of the way to the goal.

The elevator pitch is meant to advance the relationship to the next meeting. Not a sale, an investment, or a life long friend. Not yet.

Therefore, the content of the elevator pitch should serve to make the recipient of the pitch thirsty for more, not drenched in product details. In other words, focus on the problem you solve, but don’t go deep into how you solve it. That’s for the next meeting!

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