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Drivin’ N Writin’

Do you talk on the phone when you’re driving? When I have calls to make, I plan them for when I know I’ll be in my car with time to talk and – especially in Atlanta – time to sit in traffic and do nothing else. However, I do not text and drive. I confess that I have done it before. I can’t do it. It scares the crap out of me. So I simply don’t do it because I’m quite sure that if I tried it continually I would eventually be in an accident and hurt myself or other people. So instead of texting while driving, I’ve been trying something that is far safer and much easier to do: writing via voice to text.

In fact, on my wonderful hideous rainy commute down GA 400 from Roswell to ATV this morning, I have created drafts for 4 blog posts, in addition to this one.

And it’s even easier than you think. I open the WordPress app for iOS, open a draft, press the microphone, and start talking. I can’t imagine creating a final post from voice to text, but creating a draft and getting all of my thoughts out of my head and onto “paper” is very helpful and easy.

There are other limitations as well. For example, I can’t add an image to the draft, nor can I actually do any real editing of the draft. However, that actually helps me. Sometimes I write and edit too fast, meaning that I write a post or article and immediately read and edit the post. That usually doesn’t give my brain enough time to refresh my thoughts and consider how I’m conveying my thoughts. What I have found that works for me is to write everything that’s in my head about a certain topic, then come back later and reread and edit the post from a fresh perspective.

Writing via voice to text enables – no, forces – me to do exactly that, not to mention that I can talk much faster than I can type. And, yes, Drivin’ N Cryin’ does get credit for the title of this post.

What do you think about that?

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