Elev8 Staffing, Rigor, and deductmor on Atlanta Business Radio

A great way to start this Independence Day holiday week: this morning I had the pleasure of participating in an interview on Atlanta Business Radio with ATV Community Manager Karen Houghton, Rigor CEO Craig Hyde, and the two founders of Elev8 Staffing, Melissa Davis and Sandra Anderson.

Our hosts were gracious, and we had a great discussion about ATV, Rigor, Elev8, and deductmor. You can hear the entire interview here.  We even got a nice plug for StartupBP (which launches next Friday July 9th!)

Atlanta Business Radio is a unique player in the internet radio space, focusing solely on business and the people behind the businesses who make them run and contribute to the local community. I highly recommend  listening to their shows and podcasts.

What do you think about that?

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