Epic Pitch Practice

Last Friday’s session of Pitch Practice was definitely a top 5 session. Thanks to everyone who attended.


We learned a lot and met a lot of new people with 20+ entrepreneurs in attendance. Here’s who pitched.

@CordaApp – because you either don’t have a business card when you need it or lose someone’s business card when they give it to you, Corda aims to replace all business cards with a smartphone app that lets you customize your card for business or social situations.

We Get Around – Are you in commercial or residential real estate, or do you want to rent or sell a property? Then you must have a look at this 3D photography technology. It will change the way you preview any property.

Agile Product Insights – 75% of all startups fail in the first year, but Agile Product Insights can help prevent that hideous statistic.

Stoney River Capital provides business intelligence for the startup entrepreneur, so you can focus on the right processes and needs at the right stage of your business.

Send Mammogram – Did you know that the mammography industry still uses fax to transmit and exchange mammogram images?!?  Send Mammogram, founded by a Nurse Practitioner, is creating a secure, HIPAA compliant cloud-based solution to storing and exchanging mammogram images.


Our main lesson from Friday’s session was this: when you’re delivering a pitch, focus on personalizing the problem for your audience.

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