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Problem: Low Marketing Email Engagement Rates

Back in 2014 (seems like just yesterday), Facebook announced that videos that were uploaded natively (as opposed to shared from YouTube) to the social media platform would “autoplay”. Viewers would not have to tap or click a video to get it to start playing. The video would begin playing as soon as it was fully in a viewer’s screen. The viewer would see motion immediately, but would have to tap or click to hear the sound of the video. Why did Facebook – and then every other social media player – make this change? Because it works. They tested it, and discovered that autoplay drove engagement in video posts (and ads) through the roof. Today, every native video plays automatically, because it drives engagement. But what about email?

Is Email Dead?

No. Next question. How often do we see a new marketing technology try to introduce their service by declaring that e-mail is dead? It’s is not dead. Everybody reads Email. A lot of people raise “inbox zero” like a SuperBowl trophy. It’s a tough thing to do, and doing it effectively means skipping, archiving, deleting, unsubscribing, and otherwise NOT engaging with a lot of messages.

No, it’s is not dead, but it is in need of great improvement simply because of all the noise that gets into our email inboxes. Email needs disrupting.

Video Kills

In every other marketing channel, video is killing it. When you add video to a social media post, your engagement rates will increase. When you add great video, and do it consistently, your engagement rates will really go up. And, as we know, engagement is better than growth, right?

So why have we not figured out how to combine email and video? Yes, you can insert a video link, and even make the link a pretty screenshot of the video so it looks like a video. But just like pre-2014 social media, the recipient still has to click. And when the user clicks on that video-looking image, the link will open in a new browser window.

Autoplay Video in Email

EyeMail put autoplay video in your marketing email, driving engagement from 10-15% up to over 50% or 60%. Your mileage may vary, but it’s probably worth a try. Thanks for bringing it to Pitch Practice, Lisa & John!

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3 replies on “Problem: Low Marketing Email Engagement Rates”

“A lot of people raise “inbox zero” like a SuperBowl trophy.” Funny but true.!

I also agree that email marketing isn`t dead. Other underrated methods are phone calls and traditional communication with customers. The video is definitely the star but it`s often a costly solution. What you need for telemarketing are king and patient staff and good business landline

I meant: kind* and patient staff.
Although, having a king on the team wouldn`t be bad. 🙂

What do you think about that?

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