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The first time I started a business was in 1999. Our market space was called “wireless Ethernet” or “wireless LAN” or “WLAN.” Shortly after that in 2000, some very smart branding folks changed the name of the industry association from “WECA” to “The WiFi Alliance”, and the term “WiFi” was born. Comcast Business WiFi Pro had not yet been invented.

Our business was in delivering content, training, and certification for Cisco, Novell (remember them?), and Microsoft certified network engineers specifically for WiFi. During the 13 year run of that business (we sold it in the fall of 2012), we saw hundreds of evolutions of the delivery of WiFi services in enterprise, retail, small business, indoor, outdoor, military & government…you name it, we saw it.

However, despite the numerous new and established players in the WiFi space, one of the things that remained a conundrum was simple guest WiFi for small businesses like coffee shops, dentist and doctor’s offices, and other businesses that had regular customer or guest visitors. Yes, you could do it, but it required a network engineer and at least one decent router or switch, which most small businesses either couldn’t afford and didn’t have the time or expertise to manage. So, most of the time it just didn’t happen, because the business just wanted WiFi, not routers, switches, and a full-time network engineer to babysit the whole setup. Little did we know, a few years down the road Comcast Business WiFi Pro would come along and change the game for small business owners.

Today, with Comcast Business WiFi Pro, small businesses are able to supply solid, business ready guest WiFi right alongside the regular business WiFi as it has TWO WiFi networks:

  •       A private one exclusively for the employees
  •       A second signal that’s a guest network for visitors

With Comcast Business WiFi Pro, you are also given a custom landing page to help promote your business. The landing page can be set to serve up coupons for when a customer signs in to your provided landing page to gain access to the customer WiFi. And they’ve added some pretty neat SMB marketing features and analytics to help small businesses engage their customers and WiFi users.

After those 13 years in the WiFi space, seeing that struggle daily, I’m really glad Comcast Business WiFi Pro has taken up the mantle to just do it for their small business customers. Unless you own a small business and have tried to give your customers secure guest WiFi, you may not recognize this issue, but the struggle was real.




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