Thank you very much to the folks at Venture Atlanta for putting on a great first day today. I was happy to attend and see the first 11 presentations from early stage companies. Below is a summary of those presentations.

  1. Gimme Vending – Cory Hewett led off the early stage presentations and absolutely knocked it out of the park. 581 times per second on 4.5 million vending machines across the US, someone buys something. Gimme connects 90% of those vending machines to the IoT with a Bluetooth device and an iPad Mini so vending businesses can make more money. Gimme just raised a seed round ($450k) and will raise a $3M series A in mid 2016.
  2. RootsRated – The outdoor recreation information space is fragmented and convoluted. RootsRated has reached $500k in ARR by consolidating content for outdoor activities (hiking, biking, boating, backpacking, etc.) and offering hyper local subscriptions to the content. They’ve published 5,000 original articles this year, and offer all their content via API to local providers of outdoor services.
  3. GPALearn – Kids have to learn math, but they hate learning it, until now. GPALearn makes LoveMath, a gamified math learning program for elementary school kids, teachers, and parents.
  4. Convey Services –¬†connects vendors to a targeted audience through an online content and advertising portal.
  5. FotoIn – did you know that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text? FotoIn is helping construction services utilize photographic documentation to improve processes and decrease paperwork.
  6. CleanHands SafeHands – You’re more likely to die of a new infection caught in a hospital than you are likely to get injured base jumping because healthcare providers don’t wash their hands enough or properly. Hospital borne infections are now the leading cause of accidental death in the US. In early usage, CHSH has improved healthcare practitioner hand cleaning efficiency by over 400%.
  7. GreenPrint – Captures an enterprises fuel usage transactions and helps that enterprise invest in carbon offset projects. Basically, when you use a gallon of gas, they help you plant a tree.
  8. HUX – Uber for home services has grown 25% month-over-month this year, and will expand to 6 cities next year. Setting up a home cleaning service takes 90 seconds using the HUX app.
  9. Terminus – Flipping the traditional B2B software sales funnel through account-based marketing. Instead of whittling down 1,000 leads to 2 or 3 customers, start with your best customers, and develop the entire account.
  10. LASSO – 8500 event and entertainment companies hire 100M temporary contract employees every year to work their events (like the SuperBowl or a concert) without knowing how much they’re actually paying (hourly plus taxes plus overtime, etc.), how qualified the person is, or if the person is actually full time instead of contract. LASSO’s SaaS takes care of finding the right person at the right time with the right skills at the right cost.
  11. Florence Healthcare РLife expectancy has risen from 70 years in 1972 to over 80 years in 2013 because new medicines are brought to the market every day. But each medicine must go through clinical trials, all of which are captured on paper. Florence is digitizing clinical drug trials and already has 100 trial sites signed on.

In my humble opinion the best presentations from this round of 11 were Gimme Vending, Terminus, and Florence Healthcare. Well done!

Tips for future presenters:

  • Vary your voice tone. Get excited at least some of the time.
  • Do not put tons of text all over your slides.
  • Practice. Listen to yourself, and count how many times you say “um” or “uh”.

Good luck to tomorrow’s Venture Atlanta presenters!

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