The many ways to follow Atlanta Tech Blogs

It’s a fun and odd feeling when you start doing something as a “project” and then it turns into something way bigger. That’s what’s happened with Atlanta Tech Blogs. We are now a content strategy and creation business, and it’s just a whole lot of fun. No other way to say it. Need content or strategy for your content? That’s what we do.

Meantime, the actual web site – – has become a wonderful calling card, conversation starter, and lead generator. To that end, we’ve added to the ways that anyone can keep up with the pulse of the Atlanta tech startup ecosystem. The coolest thing about that is that more than 80% of our audience is not in Atlanta. That was not the original goal, but as we learned in Digital Marketing, you segment your audience and treat them accordingly.

Here’s how you can follow Atlanta Tech Blogs.

  • Visit the web site every day. It’s simple, and it’s meant to be like “The Drudge Report” for the tech startup scene in Atlanta. Entrepreneurs, Startups, Community, in that order. We also just updated the “Blogs” page to reflect that same organization.
  • Follow @AtlTechBlogs on Twitter. Every blog post that we follow & re-blog gets shared on Twitter.
  • Follow our Twitter List of Atlanta bloggers directly, so you don’t have to find all these bloggers.
  • Subscribe to the Daily Digest email. Mailchimp makes it super easy to put a massive RSS feed into a very simple email. It’s sent every morning, Monday – Saturday, at 9am. No spam, unsubscribe at your leisure.
  • If you use Safari as your primary browser, you can get push notifications, since we’ve implemented Roost after John Saddington brought it to our attention. Just open Atlanta Tech Blogs in your Safari browser and you should get a simple prompt! 
  • And now we’re on Tumblr! We just got this one cranked up, so it’s not very pretty, but we’re after functionality and availability first, and we let the blog content speak for itself.

We believe everyone, especially entrepreneurs and startups, has a story to tell that someone needs to hear. That’s why we curate, aggregate, and promote your blogs. And if you haven’t started blogging yet, we can help you get started and begin your content marketing journey.

What do you think about that?

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