A while back, I wrote a series of blog posts about “giving your gift”. Those articles, listed below, are my way of thinking out loud about how Pitch Practice has served as a learning tool for me. Specifically, Pitch Practice has, for the last 5 years, given me an outlet to serve other entrepreneurs. These articles, and the thoughts behind them, are the beginning of my explanation of the impact that serving has had on my professional and personal life. The concepts are not nearly complete, but my goal is to deliver this idea as a TED Talk. I’m not nearly ready for that. So everyday, I make a note here or there as I work towards that goal.

Seven Articles on Giving Your Gift

  • 5 Reasons that 85% of People Hate Their Job – shocking number, isn’t it? But it’s true: most people hate their job, and yet they spend 40+ hours a week, 1/3 of their lives, doing something they hate.
  • You hate your work. Why not leave? Six reasons you stay. – Usually, it’s economics that keep us there, but many times, it’s fear of the unknown or fear of failure. So, we stay where we are, unfulfilled.
  • Finding your gift: what are you really good at? – Wouldn’t it be great to know what you were made to do? You can find out. It’s not as easy as flipping a coin. Quite often, it’s obvious. You just have to pursue it, and really get to the core of it.
  • You have a gift. Find out what it is, and use it! – Once you figure out your gift(s), you might find that you’re not using it (or them) at all! When we are good at something, and we don’t ever do that thing, that means we’re doing stuff we’re not great at. Frustration ensues here.
  • Giving is just as powerful as sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, social media – Psychologists will tell you that the boy doesn’t give the girl flowers because he likes her. He likes her because he gave her flowers. His brain says, “you invested in her”, and orders dopamine to be released, causing that warm fuzzy feeling that we all love. It’s the same dopamine that gets us high on drugs, alcohol, and sex. We always want more. Giving your gift has the same effect.
  • Can giving at work make you love your job? – The way our brain works, with the aforementioned dopamine, is that when we do something that causes the release of dopamine, we want to do that thing again. Ergo, if we do stuff – like givng our gift – that causes the release of dopamine at work, our brains will cause us to love our jobs.
  • Wanna Love Your Job? Give Your Gift Everyday – Not just your job, but your life. Find your gift. Use your gift everyday, wherever you are, and your life will change. Give your gift away.

We are each made for a purpose

From top to bottom here, the thought is that we can always have joy in our lives, even if we absolutely detest the job we’re stuck in. We must discover our gift(s), and give them away everyday. And it goes well beyond our jobs. The idea of giving your gift applies to almost every situation in life.

I believe that God made each of us with specific gifts for specific tasks while we’re here breathing Earth’s air. And when we learn and know our gifts, and use them in the service of others every day, we will be satisfied and fulfilled. We may or may not make a lot of money from our gifts. But as anyone who has had money and lost it will tell you, it is not the money that brings you joy and contentment.

All this from Pitch Practice

I started Pitch Practice nearly five years ago. It took a long time, but I have come to realize that serving in this manner has given me a professional satisfaction and fulfillment that I have never received from work alone. I believe we must combine our work and our play with our natural God-given gifts if we are to be truly effective and fulfilled.

What do you think? I would really like feedback on this whole thought process.

What do you think about that?

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