Google Analytics Bootcamp Questions

During the second offering of the Google Analytics Certification Bootcamp at General Assembly last Friday, the class asked a handful of questions that I had to research in order to answer. Here are those questions and the answers that I learned, with a lot of research in some cases.

  • Can an organization utilize the Google Analytics Core API as a means of backing up their web traffic data? Technically, yes, but while it is possible to simply pull all your web traffic through the Core API, it is not at all recommended, and there are limits and quotas on how much data can be queried. The latest Core API documentation is here.
  • Is there a limit to the number of Event tracking values that one can track? Yes. Event tracking is limited to the following values, as explained in this article:
    • Category
    • Action
    • Label (optional, but recommended)
    • Value (optional)
  • Is a social share considered an event, trackable in Google Analytics? Yes, a social share is considered an “event” in Google Analytics, and with the proper Javascript code, can be tracked as such. This article on the Google Developers network provides instructions on how to setup that code.
  • Why is one user’s create “Goal” view different from other’s? This one is still a mystery, so I’ve submitted this question to Quora to see if we can get an expert’s answer. You can follow that question here. I’ll update this post when I get a satisfactory answer. UPDATE: I received the following answer on Quora: 

It’s a good question. The two different views I’ve seen either allow you to choose from a template (based on what you want the goal to measure) or simply dive in, name the goal, and proceed to define it. My instinct is that Google is simply texting multiple user experiences in the goal definition process. Just like Google constantly tests slight variations in its search results, it probably finds valuable insight about how quickly users are able to complete the goal definition process, and this is sort of an A/B test for them. This is my opinion only.

As I’ve written many times before, I’m amazed at how much I learn when I teach anything to anybody. Thanks to the 23 people who attended the class for learning and asking such great questions! We will be running this class again on Saturday, February 13 at General Assembly.


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