The music business can be lucrative. As with most industries in which individuals can make lots of money, there are barriers to entry. One of those barriers is the cost to record. Renting recording time in a properly equipped music studio costs hundreds of dollars per hour. You – and the rest of your musical accompaniment – have to get to the studio from wherever you live. And you don’t rent a studio for only an hour, because great music isn’t made in 60 minutes, so your crew has to travel and stay until the music is finished. The average musician just starting out spends nearly $10,000 a year traveling just to get to the same physical space as his or her band to record their music. Then they rent studio time.

Google Docs for Musicians

SoundCollide has created a virtual studio that enables musicians to lay down their tracks virtually, electronically, and much less expensively than traveling to a studio to rent recording time. A solid analogy for what they are doing is Google Docs. Google Docs allows users to collaborate in real time – actually see each other’s edits – no matter where they are. SoundCollide has the same vision for recording music tracks.

Removing Barriers to Entry

Just like so many other software programs have enabled “the little guy” who can’t afford the whole big setup, SoundCollide seeks to make studio recording affordable and virtual. For a brand new musician, $10k is a significant barrier. SoundCollide is removing that barrier, as well as the studio recording time cost.

Someone who knows what they’re doing needs to do the hard work of putting all the tracks together. The SoundCollide software will provide the tools to do that as well. SoundCollide is building a complete virtual recording studio.

The Pitch

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London and others from SoundCollide have been to Pitch Practice a couple of times, and each time, they get better at articulating their vision. The problem is clear: new, young musicians don’t have the means to travel and rent studio time. The solution is still not quite clear in their pitch, but getting better as they talk to more and more of their target audience.

What do you think about that?

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