Guest posting on Atlanta Tech Blogs? Yes.

Joy Ugi

I hope our loyal readers have taken quick notice today of a new author on Atlanta Tech Blogs: Joy Ugi. I met Joy – virtually, we haven’t actually met in person yet – when I began the series of untold stories from behind the scenes at Atlanta Mission.

After a few emails, we agreed that Joy would tell the story of The Giving Kitchen, and she has done just that, publishing the first post today. Thank you Joy!

But that’s not all. Joy also runs the digital marketing efforts at a new Atlanta startup called Orderly, which is making sense out of the back end of the restaurant management space, in addition to teaching Content Marketing classes at General Assembly.

Suffice it to say that Joy knows her way around some content, and she us all know it with her first piece on that subject today as well: Content Marketing Takes a Turn for the Worse. A great guest post on why we should not be producing content just for the sake of producing content. Amen belongs here.

We’ve had an incredible response to our nonprofit stories, and we really appreciate the support of the Atlanta community. We’ve also had several other bloggers inquire about sharing the stories of their favorite nonprofit organizations, and we would very much love for you to tell the stories behind the scenes of the nonprofit(s) that you support. If you need an outlet to tell your organization’s story, please contact us, and let’s see if there’s a fit.

Remember, everyone has a story that someone else needs to hear. That’s why we do what we do.


What do you think about that?

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