10rocket's Blog Challenge

I’ve known Chris Turner, the founder of 10Rocket since early last year, when he and I met at Tech Talent South. Shortly after that, Chris enrolled in The Iron Yard‘s Ruby on Rails software developer course, because he wanted to be able to build the software product that he had envisioned. A few months later, Chris showed up at Pitch Practice and started working on his pitch for what is now 10Rocket.

Since then, 10Rocket has rocketed to some serious success as Chris refined his pitch to what it is now:

We build MVP web apps for startups in 2 weeks for $5k.

Boom. Well, last time Chris showed off his pitch at Pitch Practice, I reminded him that 10Rocket needs to start telling its story via a blog. They came out swinging today on Medium. Chris is right: most blog posts teach you something or make a list or tell you “How to” this or that, but few posts cause you to do something. 10Rocket’s first blog post challenged its readers to write a haiku about their startup. Brilliant!

To take it even further, 10Rocket wrote a haiku about Atlanta Tech Blogs in this tweet.

Not bad! And the challenge caused me to write my own haiku about Atlanta Tech Blogs:

Atlanta Tech Blogs
We help you tell a story
Everyone can hear

Which do you like better?  What is your blog challenging your readers to do?

What do you think about that?

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