I’ve posted to several social media outlets that we’re currently hiring an experienced Junior Marketer at The Combine. Here’s what I posted on Twitter. Since that post, which I also shared on LinkedIn, I’ve received a few dozen inquiries, most of which have simply asked for “more info.” To that end, here’s the basic job description.

Yes, this is a ‘combine’. We are THE COMBINE.

Jr Marketer / Campaign Manager

The Combine seeks a junior marketer with 1-2 years of experience to implement and manage marketing campaigns for The Combine and our portfolio companies. This individual should have experience implementing and using the following martech tools:

  • WordPress – all our marketing websites are in WordPress. Have you created a WordPress site from scratch?
  • Hubspot – Inbound marketing + hardcore sales is our game. Everything lives in Hubspot. If it isn’t in the CRM, it didn’t happen. Have you implemented campaigns in Hubspot?
  • Zendesk – We love and support our customers with Zendesk. Less marketing, more support, but a huge part of the brand, and marketing begins with brand, right?
  • Unbounce – Landing pages are the “Welcome Mat” of marketing. We use Unbounce for every campaign to maximize our conversions to email, leads, or beta sign ups. How many Unbounce landing pages have you created and A/B tested?
  • Mailchimp – Who doesn’t love Mailchimp?!? Email is still the killer app of digital marketing, and there’s no better way to build a following and provide your audience beautiful content than Mailchimp. Have you built subscriber lists and email campaigns in Mailchimp?
  • Social media channels & tools – We use Sprout Social and MeetEdgar as our primary tools. What have you used? What’s your philosophy for B2B social engagement?
  • Social Ads & Adwords – how many experiments have you run to discover the right channels for your products and services?
  • Google Analytics – You measure everything, all the time, right? And you think UTM parameters should be something you learn in kindergarten.

What Your Day Will Look Like

A day in the life of this very detail oriented individual would include lots of work on several of the above tools, as well as some content creation for social media based on blog, video, and other content. We also consider trade shows, conferences, media appearances, speaking engagements, and launches as their own campaigns. As a marketer, this view of life is logical and exciting.

You will drive the execution of each campaign, both for The Combine and for our growing list of portfolio companies like Konstru. We are a fast, fun startup with a huge ecosystem of expertise across various marketplaces. You will be as busy as you have ever been, learn more than you thought you could, and have the freedom to try new things and make mistakes and put it all out there for what you think is the best thing to do.

One Page Only

Do you think this is you? If you are this marketer, shoot me an email with answers to the questions above and your 1-page resume (more than 1 page is an automatic delete) to ksandlin <at> thecombine.co.

What do you think about that?

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