I’ve been interviewing people like crazy trying to fill this Jr Marketer position at The Combine. I’ve seen dozens of resumes, had lots of phone calls, and about 10 face-to-face interviews. From these interactions with all these candidates, direct and via recruiters, here’s some suggestions for people seeking a job in digital marketing.

Your Resume

Your resume should be 1 page, and one page only. If you’re applying for a Jr Marketing position, you’ve likely been in the real working world less than 5 years. You may have done a lot, but any resume that’s more than 1 page is (a) too much to read and (b) going in the trash.

Your Content

The best way to demonstrate your skills as a digital marketer is to digitally market yourself. Of the 100 or so resumes I’ve seen in the past few weeks, maybe 5 had their own active blog. If you know me at all, you know that those 5 went to the top of the list. Everyone has a story to tell, especially if they’re actively looking for a new gig.

Your Marketing Stack

Build your own marketing stack. Build your blog with WordPress or Wix or Squarespace or whatever. Connect it to social. Connect it to Google Analytics. Share it. Break something! Demonstrate the tools you’re using for yourself and show me you can use them.

[Tweet “If you were a graphic designer, you’d have a portfolio. You’re not, so your personal website is your digital content marketing portfolio.”]

Your Questions

Ask great questions. Anyone can spew out answers to common or even crazy interview questions. But I will know how well you think by the questions you ask me.

Your Homework

Do your homework. How many candidates knew nothing – not one thing! – about The Combine? I talked to maybe 3 people who even tried to explain what we do.

If you’re applying for a software developer position, the hiring manager is going to look at your github commits. If you’re applying for a digital marketing position, I’m going to look at your digital content.


What do you think about that?

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