I dumped Cable TV for Chromecast

UPDATE/EDIT 11/12/13: I really like Chromecast, but as I mention below, it is limited by the apps that are currently supported: YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Google Play, and your Chrome browser (also limited by things like Microsoft Silverlight, which cannot be cast).  So, my Christmas present to my family this year will be a ROKU, which does all of the above except Google Play and Chrome browser, plus Amazon Prime and several TV channels which offer all their content streamed LIVE.  Specifically, when my mother-in-law visits, she must have Fox News pretty much all day. So there’s that.


A few weeks ago, I wrote about my first experience with Chromecast.  I have since cancelled the $120/month subscription to AT&T Uverse. Here’s what the change has created.

My wife doesn’t really like it. Like Seinfeld described, she’s one of those who wants to know “what else is on TV?” and that’s difficult when Chromecast is currently limited to a handful of apps that can “cast” to our TV.

Netflix & HuluPlus are great, but limited. No Iron Man. No Jason Bourne. No freaking Looney Tunes! Folks, these are classics, and it baffles me that they are not available on these internet TV providers.

Amazon Prime is great, but you cannot cast it to your TV.  We watched the third season of Downton Abbey from our 15″ computer screen.  OK, it was in HD, but fifteen inch computer screen?  Amazon, Google, please get together on this. Two words describe this issue: Silverlight sucks. Because, you know, Microsoft. Enough said.

Aereo is also way cool, and can be cast from Chrome, but not from iOS devices.  That’s just ok, but I find that I am far more likely to seek out a movie or TV show from my phone than I am to drag my PC out of the backpack and watch from there. The most important reason for my preference is that my iPhone never goes to sleep! Yes, I know I can create a power setting for my PC just for Chromecasting, but, well, whatever.  Aereo, the very best thing you could possibly do at this point in your young life is to actually BUILD an iOS app and make it Chromecast compatible from day 1.  Local TV from your iPhone. What a country!

Bottom line is we’re no longer paying $120/month to watch whatever happens to be on TV. We’re far more intentional about it now, and we also watch far less TV than we used to. We actually…talk instead. Wow.

2 thoughts on “I dumped Cable TV for Chromecast

  1. Congrats on being cable free. It's a great feeling isn't it? Just one quick comment: Roku doesn't do YouTube, which is a HUGE, gaping hole as far as my teenagers are concerned and the main reason the Chromecast has become the entertainment device of choice.

  2. Roku is a great choice. Boxee was an interesting option and was acquired by Samsung – which is where this is all heading. Look at the option of an Internet TV (Samsung calls this SmartTV) – and you will get all the cable options. Haven't tried Rabbit – bit it supposed offers a slew of links to IPTV "stations"

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