Qoins started out as Consolidebt at Pitch Practice

Qoins: $50,000 Reasons to Practice Your Pitch

This week, TAG hosted an event at Mercedes Benz Stadium called #FintechSouth. In addition to honoring some heavy hitting players in the Atlanta FinTech space, TAG held a pitch contest for new fintech startups. The winner of the pitch contest is Qoins, a two-man startup that began as a … Keep reading >>>

Happy Tax day

Happy Tax Day: A Little Rant

Happy Tax Day, everyone! Usually, we opt for an extension on filing our taxes. Being self-employed, my wife and I both have weird stuff to work out, so we are ok with the consequences of an extension. But this year, we got it all together, and our tax accountant was … Keep reading >>>

when was your last WOW moment?

The Thrill of “new” and the moment of “wow!”

Everybody likes getting or starting something new. There’s real excitement once you make the decision to “get it”, whatever “it” might be. Maybe it’s a new TV, a new phone, pair of shoes, car, home, job, spouse, kids, or…something bigger?? Regardless, we all have different ways of making decisions, but … Keep reading >>>

Atlanta Motor Speedway has forgotten its customer

Thou Shalt Not Forget Who Thy Customer Really Is

This year we are doing a classic #Staycation for our spring break. That means we stay in town, but we do something touristy or fun each day, while still working most of the time. Today, we took a trip down south of town to Atlanta Motor Speedway for “the ten … Keep reading >>>