Atlanta Motor Speedway has forgotten its customer

Thou Shalt Not Forget Who Thy Customer Really Is

This year we are doing a classic #Staycation for our spring break. That means we stay in town, but we do something touristy or fun each day, while still working most of the time. Today, we took a trip down south of town to Atlanta Motor Speedway for “the ten … Keep reading >>>

There's no substitute for face to face meetings

There’s no substitute for face to face interaction

Today, I met with a new client team. The business is not ITP. In fact, it’s way out in the burbs. We could easily have done a phone call or video conference. But this meeting was to kick off their new brand, website, social media presence, and content marketing process. … Keep reading >>>

What do you do after a really bad day?

5 Things To Do When Life Just Doesn’t Go Your Way

Today was a very frustrating day. Nothing went right, or at least that’s how it felt. It started with the traffic, ended with some teen angst, and was full of QuickBooks, taxes, basement sump pumps, missed opportunities, rude behavior (mine, brought on by the aforementioned frustrations), and the realization that … Keep reading >>>