This post is step 2 in a step-by-step series on how to start, launch, maintain, and grow your very own blog using WordPress and Godaddy. In step one, you bought a domain and a hosting plan, installed WordPress, and activated the 2015 WordPress theme. In this step, you’re going to install five free and powerful WordPress plugins. In step 3, you’ll walk through the configuration of each plugin in hideous detail. Ready for step 2? OK, go!

On the left side menu, click “Plugins.” When the new window is open, you’ll see four plugins. Select and delete all plugins except Akismet. Akismet is the only plugin that should remain there for now. Delete the other three plugins.

Now let’s install some new, free, relevant, and very useful plugins. To install a new plugin, click “Add New” at the very top of your WordPress screen, below the top black menu bar. The next screen you see will have a listing of some of the more popular plugins. The first one you’ll see is WordPress’ own Jetpack. Click “Install now” to install Jetpack. The next screen you get will be a gray screen with only text, showing that the “plugin installed successfully”, and you’ll have a choice to activate the plugin or return to the plugin installation screen. Click to return to the plugin installation screen, then click in the search field, and search for each of the following plugins. When you find each one, click “Install now“, and repeat what you just did for Jetpack.

Once you’ve installed all of these plugins (should take about 5 minutes, depending on your internet speed), go back to the main Plugins screen, select all of the plugins, and choose “Activate” from the pull down menu. When the screen refreshes, you’ll have all these great plugins activated.

Wasn’t that easy? But we’re not done with plugins just yet. Now we have to configure each plugin, and several of them are pretty detailed. Part three of this series will walk you through configuring each plugin step-by-step. See you tomorrow!

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