The Interview

When I’m not creating content (aka writing), I’m getting content from those who know it best: entrepreneurs. That’s the heart of the routine as your content creator & strategist. I ask you an open ended question, you tell me your entire story, which then becomes blog fodder for your content marketing calendar.

If only it were that simple. That’s what it looks like from 100,000 feet, but down here on good ole terra firma, it’s a little different.

  1. Introduction (email, phone, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  2. “Who are you again? Oh, ok.”
  3. Set the playing field: content is king and you must blog.
  4. Arrange the first session.
  5. Reschedule first session due to conflicts.
  6. First session. Light bulbs go on.
  7. Create one-page strategy doc.
    • Content buckets
    • Voice, Message, and Mix (60-20-20 rule)
    • Schedule / Frequency
  8. Set interview schedule.
  9. Interview.
  10. Blog.
  11. Repeat steps 1 – 11 until success
So, like most professions, there’s a lot of other stuff that has to get done and surrounds the best part of the entire process: interviewing and blogging. Or, said another way, learning your story and telling your story. That is the joy of this business. That’s what doesn’t feel like work. The interview is by far the most fun, because I’m learning something brand new. I may have an insight or two from a business or experience angle, but nobody knows your stuff better than you.
The interview. It’s kinda like going back to school every day to learn something completely new.

What do you think about that?