I’ve never written a SuperBowl blog post, so here goes

Great game, SuperBowl LII. Congratulations Philly Dilly Fans! You earned that one. I didn’t have a Dawg in this fight, but my son really wanted the Eagles to win. This event was much different than the past 10 or so SuperBowls for us, because my wife was not here to make us a ridiculous feast. She did stock us up, though, so I was able to pull a little something together. Without any sort of order or organization, here are my random thoughts on the 52nd SuperBowl.

SuperBowl Food

For the first time ever, I saw one of those cooking videos on Facebook, saved it, and made it! Cheeseburger sliders came out well, though they did take a LONG time to cook. Here’s what the video showed to do.

Here’s how my version came out. Not bad, huh?

SuperBowl Commercials

Pretty good commercials this year. It’s been a few years since the commercials outdid the game. My favorites were Alexa losing her voice and this one from Groupon. Yes, Groupon. And you thought they died with the dotcom bust. Nope, they put up a good one. Not sure it’ll revive their stock, but that’s another story.

Tom Brady

Sorry, no 6th ring. But a 40 year old started in a SuperBowl. Ridiculous. That 40 year old threw for 505 yards, 3 TDs, and no interceptions. Ridiculous. Tom vs. Time? Tom’s winning. He’ll be back, and he will win ring number 6.

Nick Foles

Who? Yeah, him. He took over for the likely league MVP, and didn’t really play all that well in the rest of the regular season. But, apparently, Mr. Foles enjoys the post season just a little more, because he was outrageous. His final TD pass was off the charts. Take a look. TRIPLE coverage, and no other player had even a chance to get this ball. The video is better, but the stingy, greedy, horrible NFL (that’s totally another post coming soon) won’t let you embed one of their videos into a blog, so go here to watch it on Youtube. To top it off, Foles is just a kind, humble guy who gave all glory to God for his victory. Beating Brady and the Patriots for your first SuperBowl victory and MVP award is stunning. Well done, sir.

All Offense

The two teams put up more than 1,150 yards of offense. That’s way, way more than any postseason NFL game ever, much less a SuperBowl. But defense wins championships, and, as it turns out, it was defense that made the day for the Eagles. They sacked Brady one time, and one time only, but they made it count by knocking the ball loose and recovering the fumble. Gamer.

When I knew

I’m not going to say I *knew* like you should go put a bunch of money on it, but when the Eagles went for it on 4th down and seconds left in the first half and put up some serious trickeration, well, that’s when I knew something was amiss. Nobody has the cahones to try that against the Patriots, right? But they pulled it off like a boss. That, in my humble un-football opinion, was when the Eagles won the game. Here’s the video of that one as well, because NFL stingy, stupid, etc.

This was the first year the game was streamed over a major network’s streaming app. I watched on Roku. I’m amazed that the major networks are finally catching on to us cable-cutters; however, I find it really, really odd that they put the splash screen “Coverage Will Resume Shortly” up instead of showing us a commercial. Anyone understand that move?

What do you think about that?

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