When was the last time you really needed a home service provider to be at your house TODAY? What was your best result? Most of the time, when our sewage system malfunctions, our hot water heater goes on the fritz, or our A/C dies in the middle of July, we have to wait. And wait, and wait for service that sounds a lot like the cable company’s promise that someone will be there between the hours of 9am – 5pm. In other words, we’re on their schedule, instead of the service provider being on the customer’s schedule.

Who is the entrepreneur?

Christian is the founder of Jonny On It. Christian attended Pitch Practice a few times leading up to the launch of the Jonny On It service and mobile app. He also recently presented at Atlanta Startup Village.

What is the problem?

We need a home service provider – an electrician or a plumber – now and we get treated like we’re signing up for Cable TV. This issue is painful when it occurs, affecting both our schedules and our wallets.

What is the solution?

“That service industry person will be at your door in real time.” That’s a big promise! If Jonny On It works as well as Christian says it will, then our lives will soon be greatly improved the next time we have a home emergency and need a service provider pronto!

Who is the customer?

Christian says they are targeting realtors and single family home managers. After his pitch, we discussed what he actually meant, and we learned that they are targeting realtors because one realtor can reach, influence, or actually sign up potentially dozens of new home owners. If you’ve ever bought a home, you know that there will always be issues during the first few months of new ownership.

What is the ask?

Christian asked for $100k to close out their seed round. The lesson for asking for money, which assumes you are targeting investors in the audience, is two fold:

  1. Ask for a specific amount of money. Christian did this exactly.
  2. Say specifically what you’re going to do with the money. Christian did not do this. He said “to close out our seed round.” His statement hints that they already have some investment arranged, but are adding to that amount to complete the seed round.

Christian should add the purpose of their seed round, which tells investors that Jonny On It has a plan for spending their money, and isn’t just raising money willy nilly.

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