How do you know when you are ready to start a new business?

In our parents and perhaps grandparents’ day, we “knew” it was time to start our own business when we had a great idea, or moved to a new town, or just had that gut-level desire to be our own boss. But times have changed. They had a telephone. We have the entire world’s information at our fingertips via Comcast Business internet service.

Because of service like Comcast Business’, in today’s digital world, it’s much easier to start a business. That’s good; however, because it’s so much easier, the landscape of new businesses is far more crowded. That’s not so good. Therefore, the motivations and reasons behind “being ready” to start a business have changed.

According to The Lean Startup, it’s no longer just up to us to decide when we start a new business. It’s really more dependent upon the marketplace. What that means is that you don’t start a business just because you can. You start a new business because you have found or created a solution to a market-wide problem.

Every business exists to solve a problem, whether it’s a need for groceries in a specific location, entertainment in a location, professional services via phone or internet, or the building or repair of some specific product. So, we start a business when we can solve a problem for a big enough group of people to sustain a business.

The hard part about this new way of thinking is validating that problem and then creating the solution. But of course, if it were easy, anyone could do it. Starting your own business is not for the faint of heart; however, as I mentioned earlier, there are some parts of starting a business that have actually become easier. Getting rock solid internet access is one of those. Who’s the biggest and best player for your business internet needs? Comcast Business.

So, while you may be ready – and have a great solution to a huge problem – to jump on the totally unpredictable roller-coaster of entrepreneurship, one thing that can be very predictable is your connection to the great wide open internet.