Lessons & Pitches from Pitch Practice July 1 2016

We packed 20 entrepreneurs into the Pitch Practice Boardroom at Atlanta Tech Village for a great session of Pitch Practice. Thank you to everyone who attended today and also to everyone who has subscribed, downloaded, and offered up a review of the Pitch Practice Podcast.

Here’s who pitched:

  • HandyCRM – One SaaS platform that does everything: accounting, marketing, job flow, time sheets, etc. for one flat monthly rate. HandyCRM is funded by their first customer (who needed the product); they are the developers,  and they need marketing folks.
  • Parkent Cycles – It takes 3 minutes to lock your bike, and 30 seconds to steal it. Wouldn’t it be easier to roll your bike into a steel rack controlled by your phone. Go see and try out the Parkent rack at WeWork co-working in Buckhead where it will be on demo next week.
  • Atlanta Video Studio. Short videos are the most powerful marketing tool available for small business, but very, very few SMBs have that expertise. AVS has everything you need…except you! So bring you and your script in to make your best video for just $495.
  • OTW! Shared cars for ride sharing. Airbnb meets Uber. Share your car for ride sharing or get a ride.
  • Social Sweet Spot – how do you make your event’s social media work with your data to engage clients at the event? With SSS’s social media command center. Their customers are big data geeks and IoT freeks. Come see them at the TAG #IoTGA Symposium July 19.
  • Event Tent – (prepping for a 2 minute pitch contest Saturday July 2) Have you ever wasted time, money, and prep going to an event that did not meet expectations? EventTent gives you an inside view of events before you get there, so you know what you’re getting into. 60% of tickets are sold the day of the small event based on word of mouth about that event. LIVE launch when school starts this fall. EventTent lets marketers market WITH their audience rather than to them.
  • Positive IT Solutions – Fortune 100 companies lose billions on developer burn out because developers may have great coding skills but lack soft skills to deal with the pressures of any job. Positive IT Solutions will teach your team soft skills, reducing developer and IT turnover.
  • Mirror-Mirror – Ever felt like you looked like a million bucks? When you have a great outfit, you look & feel great and you perform great. Finding that outfit is tricky. So we ask a friend. But is one other opinion enough? Mirror-Mirror is a location based fashion app to crowd source opinions on fashion.

Here are some of the lessons that came up today:

  • “Every time should be like the first time you pitch…without the mistakes.” – Pitch Practice rookie. Yes, this is true regarding the energy you exude in your pitch. If you’re not enthusiastic about your pitch, why would you expect your audience to be excited about it?
  • It’s incredibly important that you articulate your idea clearly in a short time. Today, we spent more than 20 minutes trying to understand the idea behind one pitch. While we can argue that the initial pitch did its job by starting a very lengthy conversation, that doesn’t hold up when the conversation was all about trying to understand the basic idea behind the pitch.

But that’s why we practice: to get better. Whatever you practice, you will improve. So practice your pitch!

If you’d like your pitch featured on the Pitch Practice podcast, send it to us here. The next episode of the podcast drops on Tuesday July 5. Stay tuned!

One thought on “Lessons & Pitches from Pitch Practice July 1 2016

  1. montinaportis

    The energy from this group was amazing! Practicing my pitch (and getting a few great ideas) for my new business venture, Atlanta Video Studio, was exactly what I needed to move forward. I am looking forward to the next opportunity to practice my pitch!

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