Continuing from yesterday’s post that outlined a structure for creating a content marketing strategy, plan, and process, you start with your main content. In yesterday’s post, we refer to that piece of content as the “sun” in your content marketing solar system. All the energy comes from this content.  What should this content be? Here are 7 ideas for your main piece of content.

Everything Under The Sun

  • Video – whether you produce a video or capture video content of your founder or other leader delivering your brand’s message, video is a fantastic way to communicate your Why.
  • Podcast – it’s been said that 2017 is “the year of the podcast“, because all the forces of the market have met and put people’s voices in our ears through a multitude of channels and devices.
  • White paper – a white paper should be an unbranded, objective approach to explaining or educating your audience about your product or industry or the problem your brand is solving. An “authoritative report that informs readers.” Often these papers are written by objective 3rd parties and distributed by brands like yours to generate leads.
  • The Blog itself – I mentioned yesterday that Hubspot’s blog IS their “sun”. 90% of their social posts come from and point back to their blog. The Hubspot blog is their primary vehicle for educating their customers, prospects, and users on how to maximize the Hubspot content marketing platform.
  • Presentation – how often does someone in your organization give a presentation? Here’s a rule of thumb: each slide in a presentation is a blog post. What?!? That’s right. Think about it: when you’re delivering a presentation, you’ll talk for 2-5 minutes on any given slide. The average person reads 200 words per minute. Do the math. If you talk for 2-5 minutes, someone will read what you spoke in 5-10 minutes. That’s a Blog post. If you have a 15 slide presentation, your should be able to squeeze at least 10 blog posts out of it.
  • Interviewinterviewing an authority in your industry is a great way to get to know that person, let them get to know you (and your brand), and show your audience that you understand and recognize who has “been there and done that” in your space. I suggest recording the interview, especially if it’s done over the phone. That opens the possibility of also offering an audio version in addition to the very long form written content that the interview will provide.
  • Infographic – Infographics are meant to communicate huge amounts of data in a compact, visually appealing, and informative manner. They are also meant to tell a story through the visualization of data. Each piece of that data is a blog post and many social posts.

The Purpose of Content Marketing

Whatever your “sun” is, make sure that it is worthy of the exchange of contact information from your audience. That’s the purpose of content marketing: generating leads.

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