Meet our first sponsor: Digital Crafts

I’ve written several times before that Atlanta Tech Blogs is something of a petri dish for conducting digital, content, and social marketing experiments. We’ve conducted the following tests so far in the first year of existence of Atlanta Tech Blogs:

  • Social channel optimization: where should we be?
  • Email newsletter timing, frequency: daily? what time?
  • Outbound links or content teasers? Should we act like and only link out?
  • Should we have guest bloggers?
  • Community involvement by telling stories of nonprofits.
  • Creating content marketing and digital marketing content.
  • Images with every twitter post or using what the original blog post provides (or doesn’t provide)
  • Scheduling social posts for certain times of day or posting on publication
  • Retweeting older posts to keep them alive.
  • Monetization through content creation.

We’ve learned a lot through these experiments and many, many more. Our latest experiment is sponsorship. We’re experimenting with 4 different kinds of sponsorship at varying (and experimental) rates:

  • Featured blog post – sponsor’s blog post(s) will be “featured” at the top of the home page in bold red and could include an image.
  • Sponsored Tweets using Twitter Cards – a simple plugin enables the override of dynamic content in each Twitter post using Twitter Cards, which can be statically completed with any image and text we insert.
  • Sponsored Daily Digest email via MailChimp – a banner at the top of our ever-growing Daily Digest of the previous day’s blog posts.
  • Top Bar (e.g., HelloBar) sponsorship – any message, link, or field can be added to a persistent top bar on the home page.

If you subscribe to our Daily Digest, you’ll notice the nice new banner from Digital Crafts, the newest code school in Atlanta, setting themselves apart from the competition by offering a more in depth (16 weeks) training program for the same money as their competitors, and focusing on more enterprise software languages. Highly recommend you check them out. Their inaugural cohort is now accepting enrollments, and starts October 12th right next door to Atlanta Tech Village. Their part time courses will be offered at Atlanta Tech Village.

What do you think about that?

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