Merry Christmas: My Top 5 Posts from 2013

Thanks to anyone and everyone who has at least visited this blog. I appreciate your support and feedback as we all engage in the journey of entrepreneurship to build something from nothing in the face of odds that are clearly not in our favor.

I was reminded this morning of the probability of any startup achieving a $1 Billion valuation: 0.07%. That’s zero point zero seven percent. Less than one hundredth of one percent. Seven in ten-thousand. And yet we seem to see it happen all the time, right?  Well, it doesn’t happen all the time. It’s nearly impossible.  And that’s why I write here as I journey to get even remotely close to that target.

Here are my five most popular blog posts from this year.

  1. So You Wanna Bootstrap Your Startup? (Feb 28, 2013) From a talk I delivered at ATDC when the scheduled speaker bailed and they needed a substitute.
  2. Apple Keynote? What Apple Keynote? I’ve got Chromecast. (Sep 10, 2013) While Apple was adding color to its iPhone, I was installing Chromecast and preparing to cut the cable TV cord.
  3. Is your startup a pain killer or a vitamin? (Mar 5, 2013) Painkillers are better, because solving pain in a marketplace makes your business valuable.
  4. 5 things you must do in your 30 second pitch, and how to learn them (Jun 11, 2013) We drill this into your brain over and over and over every Friday at Pitch Practice.
  5. 7 ways to lead by serving (Apr 5, 2013) A list of the things I try to do every day in any leadership role I take on.
Hope you enjoy the review, and thanks again for a great year.  See you in 2014.

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