My thoughts after 6 months at Atlanta Tech Village

Following up on this post from my first week at Atlanta Tech Village, I’ve had lots of new and different experiences at “The Village”, and in the continuing effort to spout the exciting progress of the Atlanta Startup Momentum, am sharing those new thoughts after spending 2-3 days/week co-working, meeting, and attending various events at the Village.

In early April, I talked about these 4 things:

  1. Energy
  2. Help
  3. Encouragement
  4. T-shirts

After 6 months, the view has changed, the people have changed, the atmosphere has changed, and the Atlanta startup scene has changed.  The four above still stand, but here are more big, poignant characteristics of working at Atlanta Tech Village.

  1. Fun – working at the Village makes working fun, mainly because of the obvious: you’re surrounded by other startup folks, knockin’ it down, keepin’ it hot, gettin’ it done, and many times daily there’s those let-out-a-huge-sigh-and-laugh-out-loud moments. And that’s just on Monday mornings. Friday afternoons, by which I mean #StartupChowdown, are the peak of the week.
  2. Connection – I’ve been in Atlanta for…well, for longer than most of the kids at the Village have been alive, and I’ve made more meaningful connections in six months at the Village than I ever did in years elsewhere. Need an intro? Ask. Everyone knows someone, and the whole six-degrees-of-separation motif fits perfectly here. You never know who you’ll meet at any one of the events at the Village.
  3. Events – speaking of which, if that’s the ONLY reason you come to the Village, you still win. They even created a web page & calendar dedicated to all the events because the list of great events just got to be too large!  And if you’re looking for large events, #StartupChowdown and Birdsong‘s baby, Atlanta Startup Village, should be 1 & 2 on your calendar. I build my Friday schedule around lunch at the Village. The next ASV is already slated for October 28.  Have a beer. Don’t cost nothin’.
  4. Opportunity to serve – Pay it forward is one of the Village’s core values. If it’s not one of yours, you might not like the place, but assuming you thrive on helping others, here’s a great place to do it. For example, get to #ASV early, move a few chairs around, setup a table or two, and you can pitch your startup thing to 300 people. What a country!  You do have to ask first.
  5. Opportunity to learn – I already mentioned the numerous events at the Village. All of them are opportunities to learn from someone who has been there and done that before you, after you, more than you, better than you, differently than you, or louder than you. That’s how we learn, by listening to other peoples’ experiences of success and failure.
  6. Opportunity to start – Are you an entrepreneur? Well start something then! I mean other than your company. Start a meetup, start a group, start offering Office Hours, start…anything! You’ve got a captive audience at the Village, and everyone is looking for something. Start something.

The biggest difference is that after one week, I saw all the things I could get. Today, after 6 months, I see all the things I can give.

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