Thank you for your strong response and some immediate support for the Pitch Practice community to build a home in El Salvador. There’s no way we could do that on our own, but NewStory has cracked the code on how to build a strong, sustainable home and community for a very small amount of money. The most commonly asked question was also the most obvious one: “How does NewStory build a home for $6,000?” The full breakdown (aka, here’s the simple math) is available on their website here. I love that NewStory is 100% completely transparent about the money that flows through their non-profit organization.

Not Just a House, but a Home

Before you look at the raw numbers that make up that $6k, first take a minute to understand where these families are today. NewStory started their work in Haiti in 2015, five years after the 2010 earthquake had destroyed much of that nation. Yet, after five years, thousands of Haitians were still basically homeless, though they called their tent cities “home” during that time.

Residents of these tent cities are (yes, still) subject to bugs, disease, infection, rape, kidnapping, malnutrition, exposure, and any number of other threats to life that might result from living amongst thousands of people on a patch of dirt. But the economy in Haiti is so poor that most of the time, these families have nowhere else to turn.

Give them a New Story

That was Brett Hagler’s vision from the beginning. Their story was poor, filthy, and hopeless because they had no place to raise a family, store valuables (like wages from a job), or go to sleep knowing you and your children are safe from thieves and other criminals. With that as a starting place, just being safe and warm at night will change the world for a family living in one of these tent cities.

The home that Pitch Practice will fund and NewStory will build (with local materials assembled by local workers) will have two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, electricity, running water and plumbing, and a door that locks.


A Community of Homes

Once you build a few of these homes, then a few hundred, you start to see a community being born as the families take pride in ownership of their new homes. When each family can go to sleep every night in a safe place and wake up in a safe place, their story begins to change, day by day. They can get a job and save their wages. They can start a business from their home making crafts to sell at the local market. Their kids can go to school and study. It all starts with a new home. And that home gets built with just $6,000.

The Math of a $6k Home

Think about how much you paid (or are still paying) for your car, if you own one. It’s most likely many times that $6k home that will change a family’s life from one of squalor and hopelessness and disease to a life of safety and dreams. What will it take for the Pitch Practice community to fund this home for the Escobar Campos family? Here’s some math.

  • We average 13.4 attendees at Pitch Practice each week. If each attendee donated $20 each time they attended Pitch Practice, the home would be funded in about 20 weeks.
  • We’ve heard 2,319 pitches. That’s just $2.59 per pitch. Who wants to pledge that amount? Pledging $2.59 per pitch each week will generate $20 per session of Pitch Practice.
  • We average just over 8 pitches per session. If one sponsor donates $100 every time someone pitches, we could fund the house in less than 2 months.
  • If everyone who has ever pitched at Pitch Practice donated $20, the home would be completely funded.

NewStory has figured out how to build a home for $6,000. Now we need to raise the money, just a little bit at a time. Will you contribute to a new, life-changing home for the Escobar Campos family? Again, 100% of your donation goes towards that $6k that it takes to build the home and your donation is completely tax deductible.

Help Pitch Practice build a house!


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