Optimizing Ads on Facebook

Recently, I’ve been engaging in advertising on Facebook, both for clients and for DGM Camp. In each of our campaigns, we did a handful of simple tasks that really helped each campaign get better results over the life of the campaign. It’s not complicated, and anyone can do these things. I highly recommend giving Facebook advertising a try on any budget. Here’s what we did.

  1. Create one ad set with 3 totally different ad images.
  2. Use the same headline, text, and call to action button on all 3 images
  3. Choose to display the ad on desktop news feed, mobile, and “Facebook audience network”
  4. Choose “Lifetime Budget” instead of daily budget, e.g., tell Facebook “here’s all the money I’m going to spend. Optimize it for me.” And they will.
  5. After one week, pause the lowest performing ad image, e.g., the image with the lowest clicks, CTR, or impressions, or any combination of those based on your objectives.
  6. After the second week, eliminate the lower performing of the remaining 2 images, again based on your criteria.

For the campaigns that we have run since January 1, we’ve consistently achieved CTRs over 7%, and in March so far we’re over 8% now that we’ve eliminated the lowest performing images. Also, in every case, our CPC went down consistently as we optimized the ad.

The best part about using this simple method is that you don’t have to toil over which ad image is the best. Your audience decides for you, and you make the optimization decision based on the actual data, which you get in near real time from Facebook.

Anyone can do this, and do it on any budget. Our budgets range from $20/day to $1,000/month. I encourage anyone with any budget to test out marketing on Facebook. It’s hard to miss when 1/6 of the planet is on Facebook.

What do you think about that?

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