GYOMO offers just in time security awareness training

Problem: Annual corporate phishing training is worthless

Big corporations have big corporation email security policies. Especially in the financial sector, email phishing is big business for hackers. Why? Because it works! Why does it still work, even though email has been around for a quarter century? Because most big corporations require their non-IT employees to attend a … Keep reading >>>

SeatCheck - would you share your table at a restaurant with a stranger?

Wait in line at a restaurant? No thanks!

OK, thank you. We’re looking at about a 40-50 minute wait. Will that be ok?” Well, what choice do you have if you really want to eat¬†there? The old adage is that everyone wants to go to the crowded restaurant, and nobody wants to go to … Keep reading >>>

Countalytics uses computer vision to help airlines reduce inventory shrinkage

Airline Food & Beverage Inventory Shrinkage Costs Billions

You know those little bottles of wine and liquor they serve on the airplane? The airline industry purchases $2 billion worth of those and other food and beverage items every year. What used to be just peanuts or pretzels is now complemented by Coke products, beer, wine, those awesome Delta … Keep reading >>>

VendorSpace - planning events is extremely stressful

Planning events is extremely stressful.

Event planners are some of the very busiest and most resourceful people on earth. Weddings, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, parties, conferences and other such events are so much fun for us to attend, but an amazing amount of work goes on behind the scenes. A huge piece of that work is … Keep reading >>>

Nest for your Lawn

Nest For Your Lawn

Smart Lawn? The internet of things is making certain parts of our lives really easy. One of the first and best examples is Nest, the home thermostat that “learns” your preferences and manages your HVAC system to be more efficient. Best of all, there’s an app for that. Nest … Keep reading >>>