Don't buy or sell stuff with the Craigslist Killer!

Don’t buy or sell stuff with the Craigslist Killer!

Invoking the term “Craigslist Killer” is a simple way to illustrate the creepy nature of peer-to-peer buy or sell meetings. When you buy or sell something off of Craigslist, OfferUp, or LetGo or other marketplace, there are several factors at play to complete the transaction. Will the buyer show up? … Keep reading >>>

SoundCollide: Google Docs for Recording Artists

Google Docs for Studio Recording Artists!

The music business can be lucrative. As with most industries in which individuals can make lots of money, there are barriers to entry. One of those barriers is the cost to record. Renting recording time in a properly equipped music studio costs hundreds of dollars per hour. You – and … Keep reading >>>


Twenty seven years ago, a group of Theta Chi fraternity brothers from my Alma Mater, Presbyterian College, decided to go golfing for a weekend in Waynesville, NC. There were six of them, all in their twenties. That tradition continues today. Last weekend, we celebrated the 27th event. That’s a long … Keep reading >>>

Qoins started out as Consolidebt at Pitch Practice

Qoins: $50,000 Reasons to Practice Your Pitch

This week, TAG hosted an event at Mercedes Benz Stadium called #FintechSouth. In addition to honoring some heavy hitting players in the Atlanta FinTech space, TAG held a pitch contest for new fintech startups. The winner of the pitch contest is Qoins, a two-man startup that began as a … Keep reading >>>