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Three Tools to Help Parents Control Teens’ iPhone Use

Should You Control Your Teens’ iPhone Use?

So you got your teenager an iPhone! Nice. You realize, of course, that you just gave 100% complete access to all the world’s information & content on a device more powerful than the Apollo 11 to a pubescent young adult whose prefrontal cortex … Keep reading >>>

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How do you combine multiple video streams from your event?

The title of this post is a hint at the rest of the story below. Imagine attending or organizing an event (kids athletic event, performance, conference, party, reception, speech, etc.) that is not “professionally” captured on video. However, there are several individuals capturing the event on various video devices from … Keep reading >>>

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Atlanta Tech Blogs Can Be Yours!

Atlanta Tech Blogs is for sale. “Busy is the new stupid“, so I have taken the beginning of this new year to take a solid inventory of everything I do on a daily and weekly basis. Here’s a short list not including family time, by which I mean … Keep reading >>>

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SEO drives traffic: Four Years of Blog Traffic Metrics

I’ve been blogging since 2005, but this blog at has been in existence since 2015. The chart below shows you the annual growth and views and visitors over these past four years. These for years have taught me that, while social media seems to drive awareness and clicks, SEO … Keep reading >>>

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The Short, Epic Entrepreneurial Life of

What started as a simple service to our community ended with a very real service to a member of our community.

Following is a diary of sorts for a short term entrepreneurial venture that me and my family engaged in this fall. The goal at first was to make a … Keep reading >>>