The small business turnaround is painful and rewarding

The Turnaround

You haven’t lived as a business owner / entrepreneur until you’ve done the turnaround.  Starting a new company is exciting, but turning around the business that you started and somehow let get away is mind-boggling.  In getting through the turnaround, you are simultaneously admitting that you’ve totally messed up what … Keep reading >>>

Is your startup a pain killer or a vitamin?

The first time I started a company, the co-founder and I had some very good reasons for starting it:

We wanted to be our own bosses!  We…well, that was about it.

That was way back in 1999. Thirteen years later, that company we originally started was acquired.  Not your average … Keep reading >>>

So You Wanna Bootstrap Your Startup?

I’m a mentor at @ATDC, the tech startup incubator at Georgia Tech. If you’re starting up a business in Georgia, you should check out ATDC. I spoke at a Lunch ‘n’ Learn recently on the topic of “bootstrapping.” In all the hype and press and especially this week in … Keep reading >>>

Just for fun…

Every year, we celebrate “Homecoming Day”, which marks the day that we returned from Kazakhstan to Atlanta with our two kids.  On that first homecoming day, we took them to Chuck E. Cheese, because they were tiny and loved it. One of the attractions there is a photo booth that … Keep reading >>>

Treehouse Plan

A Treehouse…for the children

When we moved to Roswell, GA in April of 2011, we chose this particular house for one main reason: proximity to the kids’ schools. Secondary to that objective was the huge yard, ranch home, and escaping City of Atlanta taxes, not necessarily in that order.

One of the benefits that … Keep reading >>>

Bladder Cancer

Friends, this is a public service announcement based on close personal experience.  Bladder cancer has few, if any, symptoms.  My symptom was very clear, and I almost ignored it completely. Don’t do the same thing, please.  If you’re not squeamish, keep reading. If you are, skip to the end.

In … Keep reading >>>

Launching CWNP

There are probably a dozen or so lessons in the months from July 2001 through the spring of 2002, but a couple of them really jump out.

Having sold off WirelessCentral.Net, shuttered all the other hideous ideas, and focused completely on creating a WLAN certification for the IT industry, we … Keep reading >>>