What does “compelling” mean?

When you start a business, and seek capital, customers, or co-founders, you are telling (and selling) a story. That story has to be compelling.  Unfortunately, your passion in telling a story does not always make the story compelling in and of itself. A good rule of thumb for “compelling” … Keep reading >>>

Sharpen your axe

This past week was our spring break, and while it was no “break”, meaning it was as hectic as ever, there was time to get away.  Today, returning to the up-early-workout-drop-kids-at-school-fight-traffic grind, I’m reminded of this story, which you may have heard:

Once upon a time there were two men

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7 ways to lead by serving

Ask 10 people what “leadership” looks like and you’re likely to get 10 answers.  Ask me, and I’ll tell you to lead by serving. But how do you do that?  Isn’t “leading” all about getting out in front, giving orders, taking command, making the hard decisions, getting dirty, and all … Keep reading >>>

The Turnaround

The small business turnaround is painful and rewarding

You haven’t lived as a business owner / entrepreneur until you’ve done the turnaround.  Starting a new company is exciting, but turning around the business that you started and somehow let get away is mind-boggling.  In getting through the turnaround, you are simultaneously admitting that you’ve totally messed up what … Keep reading >>>