Pitch Practice 01-10-2014

Great session of pitching, learning, and networking to start off the new year.  Here’s who pitched and the lessons we learned.

  • Gary Guyer – D1 Sports – an online exchange to remove the “consultant” from the process of placing high school student athletes in the proper recruiting channels for college athletics.
  • Damon Brown – Fan Hand – a hand mounted message board to enable (first) sports fans to communicate their message in sporting events to the rest of the world.  Remember this guy who raised $20k with a message board during ESPN’s College Football Game Day?  
  • Fred Prybol – Garagistry – “Preserving your automotive history.”  Think Ancestry.com for your classic car.
  • Bill Howe – Vehware – real time black box monitoring, recording, and visual assist technology for large trucks.  Did you know 80% of accidents involving tractor trailer trucks are the fault of the other driver?
  • Chris Turner – MOOP – Massively Open Online Projects – aimed at high school students who want to reach outside their four walls to collaborate on any project at any time.
  • Rajad Ghosh – DataCool – Data Center cooling software to design a data center with the proper volume of cooling equipment and monitor the temperature of the data center to optimize the temperature settings for optimal machine performance and energy savings.  Today, data centers are just guessing how much HVAC they need and what the temp should be set to.

Lessons we learned today:

  • Sometimes, even in a 30 second pitch, you need a visual prop so the audience “gets it” instantly.
  • Say your name and your company name very clearly. If you have a thick accent, bring a sign or wear your company t-shirt.
  • If you cannot read the type face on your slide, your audience certainly cannot. Fix the slide.
  • Never end a pitch with “and that’s it!”  Always create some call to action or an ask.

Join us in two weeks for the next pitch practice session at 1pm in conference room 500-1 at Atlanta Tech Village, right after StartupChowdown.  Be sure to follow Pitch Practice on Twitter for the latest updates and pitch tips.

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