Pitch Practice 02-07-2014

Great session of Pitch Practice after great BBQ from Jim ‘n’ Nicks at #StartupChowdown.  We have four startups pitch and one individual pitched herself as she seeks to make a career change.  Below is who pitched and what we learned.

  • FanHand – a small white board strapped to your hand, so you can provide a visual written message to the masses.  Imagine holding up your FanHand at the Duke v. UNC basketball game with “Hi Mom! Send money!”
  • Visual Art Werks – Daniel Flores is creating mobile games for kids…clean, non-violent mobile games so parents don’t have to look over their kids’ shoulders as they play their games.  Think mobile games that teach social responsibility.
  • Greenroom, ETC. – Marshall Childs helps people inject more humor into their events, presentations, and ponzi schemes.  If you already use some humor when you pitch, Greenroom, ETC. can help you take it up a notch.
  • Calypso Wings – Chris McGregor found a gap in the chicken wing sector: there hasn’t been a new flavor of chicken wings in 30 years! Chris is from the Carribean, and has 20 different island flavors of chicken wings, including PiZing: a pizza flavored chicken wing.
  • Nina Habibi – Nina speaks English, French, and Farsi, is a MS SQL developer, and has extensive experience in language translation.  Nina wants to land a position in international aid.

What we learned: in your startup pitch, never say “we’re building a platform” because you’re not.

Next Pitch Practice is Friday February 14 at 1pm in conference room 400-1 on the 4th floor of Atlanta Tech Village.  Follow Pitch Practice on Twitter and join our Meetup Group.


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