Pitch Practice 03-21-2014

It was a great day to attend #StartupChowdown and then fall right into the new conference room on the brand new first floor event space at Atlanta Tech Village.

Here’s who pitched.

  • Realtime Today – realtime social recruiting data for recruiters to close the qualification gap between job applicants and employers.
  • VirtualBlue – replaces rolled up blueprints on the construction job site with rolling, flexible screen, synchronized to the actual electronic versions of the architectural drawings.
  • Data Science Atlanta – a community of 1300 data scientists in Atlanta gathered to provide data science services to startups (at prices startups can afford!)
  • Sustainable Lifestyle Brands – consumer and industrial zero-waste and hazardous materials elimination solutions
  • Block – iOS / Android app aimed at bored college students, because there’s always something going on around the block, and now you’ll know about it instantly.

Here’s what we learned:

  1. Don’t say “platform”! You’re not building a platform.  AWS is a platform. You build stuff on AWS.
  2. Stay away from distractions in your pitch, like market specific acronyms that are gibberish to the general public.
  3. Pick the low hanging fruit to use in your pitch (thanks to Alan Taetle, who wasn’t even here)

See you next week for another great session of Pitch Practice: pitch, learn, network.

What do you think about that?

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