Pitch Practice 03-28-2014

Full house at today’s session in the new, big conference room in the first floor event space at Atlanta Tech Village.  Thanks to Erin for the shout out during StartupChowdown.  We pitched, learned, and networked.

We had quite a few folks who were brand new to Pitch Practice, so I am compelled to back up and explain what PP is and how it works.  Pitch Practice is:

  • a weekly meetup for entrepreneurs to practice their 30-second, 3-minute, and/or 5-6 minute pitch.
  • open to anyone who is willing to pitch, listen, or provide meaningful and constructive feedback to help others improve their pitch.
  • on meetup.com/pitch_practice, and on Twitter at @pitch_practice
  • every Friday at 1pm, immediately following StartupChowdown at the Village.

We learned a lot today, so that comes first this time.  See below for who pitched.  Here’s what we learned.

  • Don’t say “we have no competition” anywhere in your pitch, or anywhere else for that matter. If you really don’t have any competition, you have discovered something far bigger than Pitch Practice, or there is no market for other competitors to enter.  Don’t say the words. You have competition.
  • Remember to have a call to action that you control, like “May I get your business card, so I can call you to arrange a meeting?” as opposed to, “Here’s my business card.”
  • Words matter. Yoda said, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”  Don’t say “we’re trying to…”  Say, “We’re doing this.”  Words matter.
  • When presenting with slides, look at your audience.  The slides are the picture, you are the story teller.  Tell the story that your slides are making visual.
  • Speaking of slides, use as little text as possible, and when you must use text, make it HUGE. If your audience is reading the text, they are not listening to you.

Now, here’s who pitched.

  • VirtualBlue – imagine a Kindle reader the size of your TV that you can roll up and carry out to a construction site.
  • FundCaster – Analytics and prediction engine to help increase the odds that your crowdfunding campaign will succeed.
  • Realtime Today – real time social media data to help recruiters shorten the time and cost of finding the best candidate for any position.

We hope you join us next week. Same time. Same place.  Different pitches and different lessons. In the meantime, #practiceyourpitch.

What do you think about that?

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