Pitch Practice 05-09-2014

Here’s the recap from last Friday’s rather raucous session of Pitch Practice. When you have an open meetup, you just never know who’s gonna show or what they’re gonna pitch, do you?

NOTE: Rumors of the demise of Pitch Practice are greatly exaggerated, mainly by meetup.com. Pitch Practice is no longer being organized at meetup.com. Follow us here, the Pitch Practice blog, and @Pitch_Practice on Twitter to stay up to date.

Dan Smigrod of We Get Around Atlanta was kind enough to give us a demo of his 360* sphere photography.  Consider this his 5-minute pitch, and it was quite a demo.  From setup to hi-res 360-degree sphere picture in less than 5 minutes. Here’s the actual shot he took. For best results, view this on an iPad or at least an iPhone.  Mind-blowing stuff.

Diane Deseta of UX Mentors pitched the UX solution for startups: affordable, qualified, well-trained UX interns for all your startup UX work.

Matt Kress of Relate.ly delivered a great pitch for his startup, which measures, scores, and visualizes client relationships through social media contact and email. Their market entry point is consulting firms, who require deep relationships with their clients for the highest opportunity for success.

Brett Thompson pitched a concept. See? You never know what anyone is going to pitch, so bring it! Brett presented his hypothesis that Atlanta sucks at branding our great city. “The reason,” he said, “that Hollywood is coming to Atlanta is because is the Green City of the South.”  Brett presented the idea that Atlanta completely re-brand as such, and invest in making the inner city of Atlanta even greener.

Barry Gray also pitched a concept: water is scarce and becoming more so in many parts of the world. How can one or more NGOs or other non profit make the distribution of water more available in those areas that struggle to maintain sufficient drinking water?  Barry’s pitch was a great example that, while your idea may be compelling and your pitch passionate, your audience may not like it.  Barry started off with “Let’s make an OPEC for water!”

Matthew Marshall pitched “Better Charity“, which solves the issue of distrust of charities by their donors by enabling visual impact of donations through technology.  Matthew is a rookie at Pitch Practice, and did not intend to pitch, but he nailed it.  Wouldn’t you like to know what your charitable donations were spent on?

Diane Deseta pitched again, this time in an effort to recruit volunteer entrepreneurial speakers to visit Sandy Springs Middle School this summer between June 4 – 25 to speak to at-risk kids attending a design and coding workshop.  She got 3 volunteers, myself included. Good pitch!  More info on this event:

Sandy Springs Charter Middle School is hosting a summer coding camp for At-Risk middle school children. We are looking for volunteer professionals to stop by for 30 minutes to give a brief talk about technology and their profession.  The camp will be held between June 4th and June 25th.  If anyone is interested in participating please contact Diane Deseta, ddeseta@whiteknightllc.com

See? You can pitch whatever you want as many times as you want.  That’s why it’s called Pitch Practice. Join us every Friday at 1pm at Atlanta Tech Village, immediately following StartupChowdown. Pitch. Learn. Network.

What do you think about that?

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