Pitch Practice 11-15-2013

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We heard three very solid pitches today: two 5-minute pitches, one 3-minute pitch, and one approximately two minute pitch for a brand new idea.

  1. Bill Moffitt delivered his 6-minute pitch for Invisipon, in preparation for MIT Forum’s Run It By The Pros event next Wednesday.  Invisipon is raising $1M to change the manufacturer retail coupon industry by increasing coupon redemption to “near 100%”.
  2. Bill Howe gave his 5-minute presentation in prep for Monday’s Atlanta Startup Village. Bill’s company, Vehware, is creating an Android based platform for trucks and buses to prevent accidents and capture data in the event of an accident.
  3. Vince Coynar pitched BrandScan, which is seeking $75k in seed capital to make it easier for consumers to join and participate in brand loyalty programs.

Finally, Steve Krontz, CEO and Founder of Big Eyed Fish Creative delivered an off-the-cuff pitch for a great idea to address the problem of Apple building planned obsolescence into their highest end laptops.  We won’t steal his thunder here. Contact Steve if you want to know more.

What do you think about that?

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