Pitch Practice 11-21-2014


Last Pitch Practice before Thanksgiving. Great crowd, and a very diverse group of ideas from apps to hardware to pharmaceuticals.


  • Parkent Cycles – Bike theft is a $300M annual problem in the US. Parkent is building a bike parking system that “hugs your bike”, preventing theft. Parkent is raising $125k to build and install their first system at their first pilot site.
  • Pitch Alerts – a living listing of startup pitch events to help startups get in front of as many investors as possible.  $4.99/month subscription for startups.
  • Friendeed – Help people help each other by connecting people who need with people who can.  Leverage your social networks and your location to find someone who’s nearby and can help.  Think snowpocalypse. What if your mom was stuck on ice 2 blocks from your best friend?
  • 3rdEye Networks – Web navigation is boring and inefficient, but if we combine social media and search engines, web nav becomes very interesting and only offers the best the web has to offer.
  • Ennaid Therapeutics – Developing a cure for the 400M people world wide who contract dengue fever via mosquitos each year. Their pharmaceutical solution is 99% effective. Raising $20M.


No pitch practice next Friday.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

What do you think about that?