Pitch Practice 11-22-2013

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Another superb meetup of entrepreneurs pitching, learning, and networking.  Thanks to all who attended and pitched.  Here’s the pitches.

  • Restaurant Report – a mobile app that shows you the health report score for any restaurant before you get there and eat!
  • VoxelVerse – user generated & shared 3D content; build your own mine craft with easy to use software.
  • Crimecast – Google Maps for crime
  • Online Interactive High School – employs the very best teachers to teach all High School subjects in an interactive online setting for home, public, and private schools.
  • GetHappy – a mobile dashboard for happiness.
  • Haggle Button (not official name) – submits an unsolicited offer to any merchant for their products or services.

Are you pitching your startup to investors, partners, or customers? Everyone needs to practice their pitch. We learned today that some pitches can break all the rules.  Restaurant Report didn’t need to include in their pitch who the customer was or what the problem was. He had us at 5 seconds!

What do you think about that?

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