Pitch practice 12-13-2013

Great attendance again, and we spent a lot of time on just two pitches, but we learned a lot.

Chris Turner pitched FrankEinstein – a creative platform for future mad scientists everywhere, because today’s students are limited by their 4 walls and the classmates they are assigned. FrankEinstein lets you or your student connect with other “makers” who share their interests across town or across the world.

Fred Preible pitched Garagistry – Ancestry.com for classic cars, because there is no online community to connect the owners, collectors, servicers, and buyers of classic automobiles.

We learned the 5 things that an investor wants to hear in your investor pitch:

  1. The management team
  2. The market opportunity
  3. The strategy to turn your fruit stand into a factory
  4. The customer value proposition
  5. How you will make the investor money

We also learned, as an aside, that Pittsburgh is part of Pennsyltucky. Who knew?

What do you think about that?