Pitch Practice 12-5-2014

Small crowd yesterday at Pitch Practice, but the indelible Jacqui Chew joined us, and promised to bring wine for the next session to celebrate the Holidays! W00t!  Here’s who pitched today:


  • Scout Bounty – It’s cost prohibitive for local businesses to drive around a city capturing physical data from customers and prospects.  Why not crowd source that labor to anyone who’s already in that area?  Scout Bounty is akin to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for the physical world.  For example, a fire extinguisher service company needs pictures of the tags of every fire extinguisher in the city, to see which ones are expired, then they can call on those businesses whose extinguishers need servicing.  Another example could be an intermediate play – before gas, water, and power meters are all connected to the smart grid – for homeowners to snap a picture of their meter using the Scout Bounty app to submit the data to their provider for a monthly discount.
  • Parkent Cycles – Parkent founder Thad Oviatt was practicing his pitch to potential customers.  Businesses and organizations who’s location is considered “bike friendly” see a significan uptick in sales; however, foot (or bike) traffic will not stop, park, and shop if they believe their bikes will be stolen. Parkent’s secure bike rack locks the wheel and frame, and ensures that the bikes cannot be stolen, and provides a revenue stream for the local business.
  • Jacqui Chew also pitched her new publication, BeyondMVP, which is growing their email list to promote startup culture in the south.


If you’re applying or planning to apply to present at Startup Riot, first, you’d better hurry, and second, you should definitely come to Pitch Practice and nail down your 3 minute, 4 slide pitch. The prizes this year are epic!



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