Pitch Practice

Pitch Practice 9-11-2015

The great folks at our eternal sponsor, Atlanta Tech Village, were off on a retreat with Atlanta Ventures, so we changed the venue to the BIG room. We didn’t have startup chowdown, and still 19 people attended! w00t! Here’s the rundown.

  • The ceremonial First Pitch goes to our official sponsor, TenRocket. Chris Turner delivered another great 25-second pitch, guaranteed. Also, join their #makeitreal community at to talk to entrepreneurs, developers, and investors.
  • Brian from Buffalo is a stock trader who wants to launch a business. Tech distracts us from what’s here now. We need to come together more as a community, use our spare time more efficiently. So, create app to explore their interests and meet people with similar interests.
  • Bill Bingham – Hotspot Revenue – providers of free WiFi need a way to make money through a perpetual link to the customer so they can do location-based marketing, targeted to the users of their network while they are already on the WiFi network. They target hotels, hospitals, restaurants, coffee shops, and amusement parks. Looking for strategic partners in these verticals.
  • Thad Oviatt – Parkent Cycles – friend had 2 bikes stolen in 1 week. 2nd one left a note, “Thanks.” Parkent makes a 200lb electronic bike racks lock wheel and frame of your bike, controlled by your phone.
  • Justin RIchards – Kio – businesses couldn’t find a good local designer for their logo and other graphic needs. Tinder to find local logo designers, Kio is live in the app store today.
  • Mark Machuro – Mark Henry Social – social media branding and campaigns, engagement and presence at your special events.
  • Adam Slipakoff – Modern Law – 36% of all lawyer malpractice cases are because they didn’t properly calendar their court cases! The courts have not changed the way they provide notice in 100 years: US Mail! Modern Law sends push notification for hearings, case history, opposing counsel. Filed patent last week, launched alpha version of the web app last week.
  • Lawrence O’Connor – Awareness is not enough, and doesn’t grow the business. You need brand evangelists. Full Chair Digital turns your prospects into promoters by managing the fan relationship at every step of the journey. What are you doing to make your brand remarkable? Just because someone knows about you (brand awareness) doesn’t mean they will promote (recommend) you.
  • Carla Jones SSG Business Solutions – info comes to us at the speed of light, and we need better ways to communicate, connect, and convert our prospects into clients. SSG is a digital marketing agency to help you communicate, connect, and convert your prospects.

Thanks to everyone who attended today. We had a great meetup in the big room at ATV!



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