Pitch Practice April 25 2014

The large conf room in the Village event space now has it’s IdeaPaint!  And we had a ruckus session of Pitch Practice today.  The next session is in 2 weeks: Friday May 9 at 1pm. Follow @Pitch_Practice to stay up to date. Here’s who pitched today.

  • Diane DeSeta – UX Mentors – non profit organization seeking donations for at-risk kids & students to learn to write code and learn UX design.  
  • Dan Smigrod – We Get Around – help people dream about where to live, play, and stay be delivering 360* photospheres. You really do have to see this stuff on your iPad. It’s freakin’ cool.  Anyone in travel, tourism, hospitality should be adopting this technology for showing off their space. AirBnB folks and B&B owners, if you’re not doing this, you’re doing it wrong.
  • Barack Weinisman – CaseSpace Software – tripid + evernote + email content.  Organize all the information flows for large organizations in a ‘smart folder’ to prioritize which information and documents should be floating to the top.
  • Joe Delano – Private Island – A privately cloud stored “address change” card, like the USPS used to require, but you determine who it goes to and when.
  • Chris Turner (Iron Yard code academy student at ATV) – FrankEinstein – schools function on standardized consumption. FrankEinstein moves students towards creating and building a creative portfolio and learn how to create, not just consume, by connecting nationally recognized brands to promote challenges for kids to participate in to create new things.
  • John Acosta – Pixelynx Labs, LLC – video production tools for the amateur video maker…that’s you.  Dreamsync – synchronize your audio and video seamlessly for the personal, non-professional video creator.  DreamSync got over 1000 downloads in 2 days on reddit.  Now you get 30 days free.
Here’s what we learned: be careful what you bring to Pitch Practice, because we will dig deeeeeeep into your pitch, your product, your business model.  You never know what you’ll learn or who you’ll meet.

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