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Pitch Practice August 14 2015 (Sponsored by TenRocket)

Pitch Practice is now sponsored by Atlanta Tech Village member and Pitch Practice alumni TenRocket: Visit to join their community (built on slack) of entrepreneurs, developers, and investors. Today’s session was exceptional: packed out room, great pitches, great feedback, and (see note at the bottom) incredible networking. Here’s who pitched.

  • 10rocket – (Yes, they sponsor, so they go first) TenRocket will build your web or mobile app in 10 business days for $10k. Join their new community at (built on slack) to chat with folks about your startup, idea, or MVP; get instant objective feedback for your ideas.
  • Nomad Candy – Evites suck, take too long, and are hard to create, so she (Jamie Becker) made a free mobile invitation creation app: get any graphic off the internet to make an invitation in less than a minute. Aimed (mainly) at hip, millennial moms.
  • Chinese American Entrepreneur Alliance – The CAEA is like ATV for Chinese American entrepreneurs, and has generated 400 members in less than 6 moths here in Atlanta. They are debating whether to become a nonprofit association or for-profit incubator.
  • Board Active Corporation – people don’t pay attention to billboards or static ads; BAC brings static outdoor media/signage to life, exploding the ad. Advertisers have dead media…BAC will bring it back to life by bringing a multimedia ad to your smartphone when you are near the static billboard.
  • MarkHenry Social – Social media services for your small business’ presence at special events.
  • Intelligent Dots – “Fracking” for oil & gas may be causing earthquakes.  Seismologists currently take measurements on site, then send the data off to laboratories, then wait for weeks or months to get the results back before making any decisions. Intelligent Does records surface images of the earth in real time. Their target market is oil & gas companies doing fracking. They have a prototype already made, and are seeking early stage investment of $1M to go to market. Yo, Halliburton!
  • Mindboggle Productions – There is a huge disconnect with the atrocities of humanity…we’re numb to world events occurring all around us. Mindboggle is making a movie to wake us up from our numbness, and needs 3.6M to fund this film, a romantic thriller of a young couple trying to figure out what they want in life, while a tumult of chaos comes at them from life.
  • Stay Roasted – Green coffee has a shelf life of 15 months. Roasted coffee has a shelf life of 15 days. Ground coffee has a shelf life of 15 minutes of peak flavor potential. Most store bought coffee sucks because it’s old, so Stay Roasted provides hand selected coffees (whole bean) delivered to your home every two weeks like a music playlist. Support them on thunderclap
  • Forever We – Mary Elizabeth @ St. Jude’s is dying of cancer. Her siblings, neighbors, classmates & friends have no idea how to react to a little girl with cancer, and only 4% of federal funding goes towards childhood cancer. Forever We creates a line of toys to build the community among children with cancer and to fund childhood cancer research.

Pitch. Learn. Network” is the Pitch Practice tagline. Today, that tagline came to life. Chantel Adams of ForeverWe pitched her idea for supporting childhood cancer research, and one of our attendees is on the Ronald McDonald house Board of Directors. 80% of success is showing up.

Thank you to everyone who attended, pitched, and participated. You are what makes Pitch Practice great week after week. Thanks to our new official sponsor, TenRocket, and our eternal sponsor, Atlanta Tech Village.


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