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Pitch Practice August 28 2015 recap

Pitch Practice celebrated a fun success story again today as one of my former General Assembly Digital Marketing students at General Assembly delivered a knock ’em dead pitch for his new digital marketing agency. Thanks to our official sponsor, TenRocket, and our eternal sponsor, Atlanta Tech Village, and to everyone who attended, pitched, and participated. Finally, best of luck to the Bonfire team as they deliver their presentation at Atlanta Startup Village on Monday night. Here’s who pitched.

  • TenRocket (Our sponsor!) – TenRocket builds web and mobile apps for startups in 10 business days for $10k. Join their #Makeitreal community built on slack:
  • Herbert Sparks Law Group – Startups have lots of risk because there is always liability between people and business. The contract solves that problem. HSLG are flat fee attorneys.
  • Tech Know Girl training – Deborah Dunbar – Law enforcement technical training provider. Deborah works with the Dept of Justice, among other law enforcement organizations, to help them get up to speed on the latest software applications they need to do their jobs.
  • J Hillburn – Vivian Clifton – men don’t like to shop, but they need to look like they can shop. Their best customer is a man who makes $100k+, likes to dress well, but doesn’t like to shop. Shout out to investors: buy a suit for the entrepreneurs you’ve invested in, so they’ll look outrageously good at their next pitch. 🙂
  • Viabl – Ryan Schultz – CRMs like salesforce or Hubspot are great for relationship data, but they are not proactive. Viabl gives you the who, how, and when to contact your prospects and customers.
  • Bonfire – Mathew Hagen, Joel Medendorf – Every events app is designed for the masses. You can’t customize your event app for just what you’re interested in. Meetup, Eventbrite, Eventful focus on the events that bring them money. Why can’t you just see every event that you just might be interested in? When they were ready to launch, they realized they had aggregated 1 million events! So they created an algorithm to read and tag all the events. Matthew has a PhD in machine learning, so they figured it out. Joel is an Emmy Award winning designer (really. not kidding.). Bonfire now shows you events in 100 cities.  Find your event by interest and location, or “start a bonfire” and invite everyone you know. Download the app in the Apple App Store.
  • FullChair Digital – Lawrence O’Connor – How much better could your technology be if you didn’t have to worry about selling that technology? Viable technology doesn’t always mean a viable business. You must be able to communicate your value. FullChair Digital helps companies build their business so they can focus on their tech.

Lawrence and Chris Turner (TenRocket) combined today to create one of the best marketing analogies I’ve ever heard: As a tech company, you (your product) looks and works phenomenally, but when you walk into that bar and see the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen (your ideal target customer), you have no idea what to say to her. But your wing man (marketing) does. Your wing man (a digital marketer) knows exactly what to say to that girl.


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